he following examples of contemporary custom handmade knives are primarily designed for the active hunter, camper or hiker, but also with the serious collector firmly in mind. Most designs are inspired by American styles, however, the Danish tradition of exceptional quality and functionality is deeply rooted in each example, and each is made with both men and women in mind.

ecause these knives are first and foremost today's answer to man's oldest tool, they are meant to be used. Made from the best steel available today, each is carefully heat treated and tempered commercially to ensure top quality control. Handle materials and other components are formed from the best nature has to offer, and assembled to the highest precision standards the art of making handmade knives allows.

he trademark is a running combination of my three initials, similar to a ranch brand common to the American West, with an arrow piercing the letters representing man's first shooting weapon. The brand emphasizes my love of hunting and the outdoors, and is a recognized symbol of Danish handicraft. It also is my personal guarantee of quality.

s you look over these pages, please keep in mind that if you do not see something that specifically meets your requirements, please contact me directly. I welcome your ideas and will be happy to work closely with you on a custom knife entirely of your own design.